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Package: South Valley Half Day Tour
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South Valley Half Day Tour

*Group guided tour available on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

This package can be easily customized to suit your needs

DAY 01 : We will pick you up from your hotel at 7:45 am for a tour in the valley south where you can visit the following sites:

TIPON: This beautiful set of agricultural terraces, long stairways and canals carved in stone is located about 20 km southwest of the city (45 minutes). According to legend, Tipon is one of the royal gardens ordered the construction Wiracocha. It consists of twelve terraces flanked by stone walls and huge terraces perfectly polished, these are quite large and as one moves, shrink, as well as canals and ornamental waterfalls.
Apparently, Tipon was part of the real estate Yahuarhuaca while, a place dedicated to religious worship and agricultural experimentation.

Highlights of the harmony achieved greatly in the conduction of water through the fine stone structures as aqueducts, some of them underground or falls gullies.

PIKILLAQTA: The complex includes the city itself plus another 23 sets associated with closeness and functionality, containing historic or Muyna Wakarpay lagoon, with a suggestive landscape considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Pikillaqta was built during the heyday of the Wari culture AD 500 or 900 years. This great urban and ceremonial center of almost 2 km long, consists of a citadel surrounded by ramparts and walls up to 7m. in height. There are numerous deposits qolqas or barns and buildings in almost every small stones have been used together with mud.

In some precincts were small idols in turquoise on display at the museum Inca. Pikillaqta stands as a massive set of stone structures concentrated on a hill overlooking the beautiful lagoon of Lucre. Pikillaqta fleas or city, is perhaps the greatest pre-Inca city in the region and its name derives from the presence of numerous compounds of only 4 m square which apparently belonged to a military garrison.

ANDAHUAYLILLAS: Is a cozy village with a warm climate rather benign as a result of being surrounded by mountains and the left bank of the river "Vilcanota" below which is called "Urubamba" lands have a privileged fertility and its people are quiet and friendly.

In its vast main square, adorned with "rams" and palm trees is their most valuable jewel: the colonial church of Andahuaylillas, considered the "Sistine Chapel" of the Americas, the quality of the work of art that are in their interior. That church was built on some important Inca constructions, possibly a "Waka" as the foundation of the church were made with carved andesites own religious Quechua architecture, turn around are the remains of other Inca constructions, highlighting the cover of transitional architecture (transition from colonial to Inka) on the western side of the church with sculptures of two quadrupeds in its lintel.

At the end, return to Cusco arriving at 1:30 pm approximately at the main plaza.


South Valley Half Day Tour
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